New day, new interview. Today Mattia helped us answering the most common questions of this quarantine. If you are unsure how to take care of your beard and hair between one cut and the next, you just have to get comfortable and read these tips!

What is the product you cannot absolutely do without during the quarantine?

I have no doubts! It is the Anti-stress Exfoliating Gel, my favorite product. Unfortunately, I have a very delicate skin, tending to dry and, of course, it flakes very easily. If I don’t take care of it, it tends to get dirty on the nose and forehead and it is really uncomfortable. A good scrub like this is also perfect for my delicate skin and it really helps me.

What is the product you rediscovered during the quarantine?

The Tattoo Shine Butter, which I rediscovered mostly for a matter of time. Now that I am freer, I can think of taking care of tattoos, which – I admit – I don’t do in normal conditions. And it’s interesting because since it’s not a product that we use on customers, I had the chance to try something new. In a week already, the colors have regained a lucidity that they had lost. I’m even taking pictures to document progress.

What is the perfect quarantine look?

Slippers and pajama? – We laugh at the joke together. – It depends on what you have to do, of course. If there is one thing I am learning, however, it is that a video call is always around the corner, so my advice is to be always ready and tidy. If you have very long hair like mine, the ponytail is the best, neat and clean solution. You can help yourself with a little Natural Effect Molding Paste to keep the top in order and give volume to the tail.

My hair starts to be too long and messy. How can I shorten them?

I have seen a flood of disasters on social networks. My advice, however, is to wait for us and avoid acting too much on your own. Yet, if you really cannot do without it, in the case of long hair like mine, the best way to get into action is this. I’m doing it on myself these days: I take small sections and twist the hair around the finger – like a torchon – and leave a tuft out for a diagonal cut, careful, never straight. This ensures a natural effect. Obviously the bigger the section the lesser the chance of making a disaster. You need to be careful and if you do it on smaller sections, it gets more difficult to replicate the same size. 

I tried to shorten my hair and I made a mess. How can I fix it?

If you have long hair like mine, it’s always easy to fix it. The advantage of long hair is that the damage can be easily hidden. On short hair the same mistake would be noticed much more. I have different lengths on the sides, but nobody notices it. The important thing is that you should never try to overdo cutting, even when you are trying to fix it, and if you can, just wait for us.

Is there anything different I’m supposed to do with my hair during the quarantine?

If it is long, just set it free to breathe. The Nourishing Restorative Butter is an excellent product even without rinsing. We should take advantage of this moment of free time to use it as a mask and revitalize the hair by improving its structure at the base. Long hair needs even more care than a short hair. And most importantly, now that we are not in a hurry, never use the hairdryer, which we often forget to be the number one enemy of our hair.

Now that I have more time for myself, how can I improve my shave?

It may be time to include products in our routine that prepare the skin for shaving, such as an oil that softens the hair and helps the blade slide on the skin. This is a passage that they often skip, moving immediately on shaving, for a thousand reasons: laziness, haste or for the lack of knowledge on the subject. A little oil, however, can save the skin from a great stress.

Furthermore, if you want to recreate the atmosphere of the barbershop at home, why don’t you put a damp cloth in the freezer and apply it on the face after the shave? In addition to being very pleasant, it helps to close the follicles well and re-energize the skin.

What do you miss most about working in barbershop these days?

Obviously contact with people. For years, I used to have many people around, both customers and colleagues. I miss the laughter, the jokes in that very sunny and familiar environment with that relationship of complicity with all customers. –He explains me with a dreamy air. – Now being indoors is not great. At first it seemed almost a moment of pause, but already after a week it became really unpleasant. It really hurts.