Fifth day, fifth interview. Today it is Luca who comes to our rescue among all the Bullfrog barbers, answering the questions of the quarantine. For example, if you are about to risk a haircut or have already tried and have only done damage, this is the time to pay attention!

What is the product you cannot do without during the quarantine?

Definitely the Natural Effect Molding Paste. Let’s say that frankly: given the current situation, I’m not using many products, but in general, this is what I use most. After I blow dry my hair, I always put some on to avoid finding it flattened on my forehead, to give the right setting to my hairstyle.

What is the product you rediscovered during the quarantine?

Staying indoors, I have a lot more time to shave properly and I like to take a moment to put a refreshing gel on my face after I shave. It’s something I never did before, partly because of the constant haste, partly because of laziness. Now I have started using the Anti-stress Hydrating Serum, which was a real discovery. It makes me feel really refreshed and with a soothed skin, a beautiful feeling!

My hair is too long and messy. How can I shorten it?

It’s not easy. Cutting it yourself is not a simple thing even for those who do it for work. Anyone else is clearly disadvantaged. Do just the least to define the right details and stay tidy: follow the contour of the ears and neck with the machine to remove the excess. If, on the other hand, you want to be more daring, equip yourself with a mirror to see yourself well behind. It is better not to venture a fade, which is a really complicated thing: stay on longer measurements on all sides without ever reaching zero. For the above, the simplest thing without damaging everything, if it has an adequate length, is to wet it, comb it upwards and cut evenly over the whole head, cutting small sections: never full strands of hair. To avoid messing up, however, it is better not to venture into this.

I tried to shorten my hair and I made a mess. How can I fix it?

It depends on the situation. There is little to do on the forehead: everything must be cut. If the mess is more on the sides or on the neck you have room to remedy, but it is the only case. Arm yourself with patience and try your first fade. It’s the only way you can fix it. I create a base for all the fade with a spacer. As I go down from the nape to the contour of the ears, sideburns and neck, I decrease the length to zero or so.

I am unable to keep my beard tidy. Do I have to shave?

No come on! In my opinion, a minimum of maintenance can always be done. Managing the length is certainly the most difficult part, because you always risk to make holes. Better to focus on the sides instead. Even only with the electric razor you can follow the shape of the beard to keep it clean; this way it is difficult to make mistakes. Finally, routine maintenance always involves brushing it: do not use hair combs, which tear the beard. A little Agnostico will do the rest, especially for the thick and curly beards and to hydrate the underlying skin, which needs special attention.

What is the best way to adjust the beard with the electric razor?

It depends on the lengths and on what you want to achieve. For a uniform size, just shorten it to the same size everywhere. However, a graduated effect can also be made, using a longer measurement on the chin and, approaching the base, decreasing the length. For the contours, you can always try a fade, starting from zero on the contours and gradually linking to the size of the beard. If, on the other hand, we want a more defined beard, we first draw a clean line with the machine, then clean the rest with a razor.

Would it be better to take advantage of the quarantine to shave less?

In my opinion, it would. If you are used to shave every morning or every two days, take advantage of it to leave your skin a little more breathing, making your beard grow. Shaving always removes layers of skin and waiting longer can be the right way to give it time to regenerate. And then who knows, maybe you find that you are fine with a beard and you’ll no longer change your look.

What do you miss most about working in barbershop these days?

Now let’s say that quarantine is getting hard to take. Being there every day, especially for me who has been working for a few years already, I have established deep relationships with colleagues, but also with customers that I often see. Even the work itself, sincerely. It is a job that is also an art form and not being able to express it daily is beginning to annoy me.