These quarantine days never seem to end and the more time flows away, the more we grope in uncertainty. How can I fix my hair? Is there a way to keep a tidy look? Will I be fit to be seen at the next video-call? No worries! We thought to ask who could really help us: Bullfrog barbers. Today we interview Eros.

 What is the product you cannot absolutely do without during the quarantine?

Right now, I just could not do without the Anti-stress Night Mask. We are all objectively stressed by this quarantine fact and hemp is a real cure for relieving skin stress. Obviously, it is exceptional also for the beard. Unfortunately, it is not my case, however, because I decided to cut it. I wanted to take these days of forced break to experiment a little. You should do it too!

 What is the product you rediscovered during the quarantine?

In this period, they continually repeat to wash our hands and it ends up that maybe we find them soaped more than twenty times a day. I guess it depends a lot on the type of skin, but my hands, as long as I wash them so often, are all chapped and rough. It’s a shame, because having them tattooed, in addition to being annoying, also the tattoo in the long run is affected. So my rediscovery was the Tattoo Shine Butter. I put some on the back of my hands and I immediately feel relief.

 What is the perfect quarantine look?

Messy cut! – He answers without hesitation. – It is certainly the look that best suits this moment, because it emphasizes the naturalness of one’s hair in a way that is only apparently messed. Actually, thanks to a paste or a tonic, it is possible to give a good structure to the hair, setting the shape in a somewhat messy but harmonious way.

 I tried to cut my hair and I made a mess. How can I fix it?

Shave it all! – He says laughing. Fortunately, he is joking … more or less. – It all depends on the extent of the disaster. A small disaster, like a crooked cut fringe can be easily solved with the point cut technique. The secret of this technique is never to use the body of the scissor, but only the tip, cutting the ends of the lengths into small triangles. It gives a frayed effect, which in its natural volume has a beautiful effect. The most common disasters, however, are those on the sides. I am seeing them everywhere on socials: very clear deadlifts, so high and without any hint of shade. Honestly, there is little to do here, unless to shorten all the other lengths to reduce the detachment. I recommend, if you cannot resist the temptation to adjust your hair by yourself, always remember to go easy. If you start shortening a little, you will always have room to make it up for errors!

Is there anything different I need to do to take care of the hair during the quarantine?

Just avoid getting your hands in your hair as much as possible! It is a gesture that stresses it very much and makes it fall. We barbers often see customers who come to the barbershop with their hands in their hair and stop touching it only when we start cutting. So take advantage of this quarantine to do a job on yourself and force yourself to lose this very bad habit, if you have it.

I am unable to keep my beard tidy. Do I have to shave?

I wouldn’t say so, not necessarily. –He tells me confidently. – You must first understand what kind of beard you have in front of you. In a very long beard, for example, we start from using the right products and learn about our individual needs. A messy and frizzy beard is often a neglected beard from the grooming angle. If you don’t use the right products, today you can tidy up your beard, but tomorrow it will be messy again.

Would it be better to take advantage of the quarantine to shave less?

Absolutely! Yes, yes, yes! You can use the best products in the world, but shaving is still a small trauma to the skin and soap alters its pH. This could be an opportunity to recover the skin from all the stress. If you decide to shave less, my advice is to use a scrub such as the Anti-stress Exfoliating Gel, because by letting the hair grow, it is easier to find it ingrown.

What do you miss most about working in barbershop these days?

My team! –Very nostalgically. – I miss being with my colleagues, making fun of ourselves, joking and having fun. At the end of the day, our work can also be a lot of fun, because it always creates an atmosphere of relaxation and sometimes even comedy with the customer. The feeling now is that time no longer passes!