On the fourth day of the interviews with the Bullfrog grooming experts, Carmelo gives us his advice to overcome the quarantine in style. If you still have some doubts about how to best take care of your beard and hair during this period of forced stay at home, you just have to make yourself comfortable and read.

What is the product you cannot absolutely give up during the quarantine?

Natural Effect Molding Paste. – He answers with no hesitation. – Let’s face it: in this period we certainly comb less; we are locked in the house and maybe we get caught up in laziness. This is why the Natural Paste. It helps to give a semblance of order, even without doing too structured hairstyles.

What is the product you rediscovered during the quarantine?

The Super-fixing Shiny Pomade. It was given to me at a shooting some time ago, but I didn’t try it until last week, immediately after I cut my hair. I know the product well, in the barbershop we use it very often, but I had never taken it into consideration for my type of hair, which is very very thin. I wanted to take advantage of these days to experiment and I made a discovery! It gives a very nice effect, which, if it is good for my hair, I recommend it to everyone.

What is the perfect quarantine look?

In my opinion, the perfect look would be a Bald Fade, which is very short on the sides and a little longer above. With no barbers available, it is the best way to manage hair independently. In general, however, my advice is to keep it as short as possible with the hair machine. Do not go into a path with scissors, which requires experience! The machine is your best friend these days. And most of all, always start from longer measures and gradually decrease.

I tried to shorten my hair and I made a mess. How can I fix it?

If you have gone too short, there is little you can do. You have to clean everything – he says euphemistically – bringing every length to the same extent as the disaster. To avoid it, always pay attention to the measures. Never start from very short lengths and you will certainly make fewer mistakes.

Is there anything different I need to do to take care of the hair during the quarantine?

Absolutely not. Doing what you usually do is more than good. Good habits, in fact, must always be observed, in normal and exceptional conditions, such as this. Of course, if in general you don’t have any habit, take quarantine as an opportunity to rediscover hair care: choose the right shampoo, use a conditioner, dry it well, etc. But I repeat, you should already do it anyway. –He explains me with a severe tone! –

Do you have a daily routine for beard care?

I follow the basic rules, which I recommend, especially for these days! Brush your beard daily, which will help you keep it tidier, untangled, but also cleaner. Use an oil or conditioner to soften it while you brush it. Then adjust the contours periodically, following the lines already marked previously by the barber, to keep the shape unchanged and facilitate your work. Of course, a few days a week you have to integrate this routine with the Beard-whasing Exfoliating Paste: the frequency is clearly linked to the length of the beard. I use it once a week and I have a short beard.

Would it be better to take advantage of the quarantine to shave less?

I don’t think so. You can continue to shave regularly. It all depends on your habits. If it is a gesture of well-being that gives you pleasure, you should not quit. For many it is an awakening, almost like having coffee in the morning, and especially during the quarantine, it is important not to lose these habits, these rites, to face it in the best way.

What do you miss most about working in barbershop these days?

Doing my job and living the barber shop. Shaving or cutting hair, laughing and joking with clients and colleagues. The barbershop must be experienced in all its aspects, from the most practical to the most human and not being able to do these things anymore demoralizes me a lot. When you do a job you like, it is not easy to find yourself still without being able to do it. It is not a good situation: before I did not know boredom and now we are best friends.