Eventually the quarantine seems to be coming to an end. What we certainly cannot say, however, is that it has passed without making a mark, among many things, even on our look.
How many of you have finally abandoned your homes headed to the barber with a much longer hair, just to realize at the last minute that at the end of the day this look is not that bad?
In short, for many of you, this quarantine has been a rediscovery of style, an opportunity to reinvent yourselves, to show off that more courageous look that you long desired.
Now, with a scissor kick here and there to restore order to your head, you find yourself with a longer and trendier cut, but you have to deal with all those little tricks that such a hair requires. Don’t be afraid, because Bullfrog won’t leave you alone.
Here are the golden rules of long hair.

The shampoo
You will have to get used to it: having long hair means having to do some more shampoo. The reason is not that the longer hair just gets dirtier, because it is not true. Simply on a larger surface of hair, the traces of sebum and dirt are much more visible. Here we are, however, at the point where another problem comes. Washing hair too often can be harmful, which is why it is important to choose the right shampoo.
The Delicate Cleansing Fluid, for example, is a shampoo designed especially for delicate skin and frequent washing and it can also be used daily for its delicacy.

The hair dryer
The same goes for the hairdryer which, if normally it is not the best for the health of our hair, now that you will have to dry your hair more often, it will be even worse. So what to do? Simple, forget about the hairdryer. After showering, help yourself with a towel to remove the water and take advantage of the upcoming summer to let them dry on their own. It will be pleasant; it will give you a natural look and will be good for your hair.

Styling products
Not all styling products are suitable for longer hair. But don’t worry, because there are some, instead, designed right for you! For example, you can use the Texturising Salt Spray, a two-phase formula with a very light texture that, thanks to the high concentration of sea salt, remineralises the hair, creating waves and natural movements that give an authentic beach look. A couple of applications are enough and the hair is ready to be combed.

The hairstyle
Natural is the word that goes best with longer hair. From now, therefore, put the comb away, because you won’t need it. Instead, help yourself with your fingers to shape the locks until you get a wavy and natural look. Maybe it will take a little longer, but it will certainly be worth it!