When we talk about shaving, we instantly think of our beard and very often we forget that a completely shaved head is one of the most fearless yet classic looks at the same time, a real cult.
But how do you manage this properly in the summer, the season in which by definition you have to be more attentive to your wellbeing?
Here are our tips for shaving your head perfectly in summer.

1. Give it a trim!
Let’s start with a tip that is valid for every season, which you can’t ignore. Whether it’s summer or winter, before shaving you must always make sure that your hair is the right length. Just like when you shave your beard, use an electric razor to help trim your hair if it’s too long. By doing so, shaving will be much easier and your skin will thank you.

2. A break from the heat
Preparing for shaving your head can also be a time for relaxation, especially on hot days. Dedicate a few minutes to yourself before picking up the razor: moisten a towel with cold water and apply it to your head, together with a pre-shave treatment such as our All in One Oil. This will not only soften your hair and scalp, allowing a more comfortable shave, but it is also an excellent way to fight the heat.

3. Enjoy a cool shave
Who said shaving in the summer has to be annoying? With the right precautions, shaving your head can be comfortable, even pleasurable. Choosing the right shaving cream, for example, is essential.
Bullfrog’s shaving creams have formulas designed for different skin types and performance levels, depending on the effect you want to achieve. In summer, try the Secret Potion No. 2 Shaving Cream with its strong refreshing action, to make you forget the summer heat for a while. And remember to take it with you even on holiday, you can opt for the Nomad Edition pocket size.

4. No more irritation
You’ve done it! You’ve got an incredibly smooth head, just like you wanted. But don’t be fooled. It’s not over yet! Just like when you shave your beard and apply an aftershave to soothe irritation, you’ll need to pay the same attention to your head. Your scalp is a very delicate area and it will thank you if you apply an effective product like the Agnostico Lotion. Its extraordinarily fresh notes will give you an instant sensation of relief and wellbeing, perfect for the summer climate.

5. Good habits
It is true that good habits are never enough so this last suggestion is an unbreakable rule.
The scalp is one of the areas of your body which is most exposed to UV radiation, especially when it is shaved. In summer, always wear a hat when you are in the sun. You’ll avoid drying out your skin, so that your next shave will be even more comfortable!