Summer has come to an end and it’s back to reality. This means taking better care of your hair too.

Our hectic lifestyles and many commitments can often be the worst enemy of healthy hair because they take up time that should be spent looking after it. That is why Bullfrog has prepared this handy guide with 5 essential tips for perfect hair even now summer is over!

1. It all starts with a wash 

You may have given in to your lazy side on holiday but now it’s time to get back into action! No more using complimentary hotel shampoos or whatever was to hand in your holiday home. Finding the right treatment for your hair type is a fundamental first step for healthy hair. Dry or greasy hair should never be washed with regular shampoo, especially if you wash your hair every day. Try the Bullfrog Botanical Lab shampoo most suited to the needs of your hair and you’ll see the benefits straight away.

2. Too much heat is no good for hair 

Sure, you can’t leave your hair to dry in the sun while lounging on the beach anymore. Haste has the upper hand now and it’s hard to make do without the hairdryer, especially if you have longer hair. But don’t get carried away! High temperatures will happily destroy your hair so take a few minutes extra but don’t turn the hairdryer up to maximum.

3. Nourish your hair

You may have felt on top form hanging out at the beach all summer but the same cannot be said for your hair. Sunshine, salt and sweat are all pretty harmful to your hair, especially when combined. Hair tends to be drier and more brittle at the end of the holidays. Now your hair is finally less stressed, so it is the best time to tackle that issue. Nourish your hair with a rich and natural product. Some of our clients swear by the Anti-Stress Night Mask for example to take care of their hair!

4. Lifestyle

You may have felt stress-free this summer but that may not be the case for your hair. A spot of relaxation is good for your hair but sometimes the way we relax is not. Eating unhealthy food or having that extra beer on the beach can weaken your hair in the long term. No need to panic, a few weeks of holiday won’t have ruined your hair but now is the time to overhaul your lifestyle! Eating healthily, exercising and sleeping enough is crucial for the health of your hair and in general.

5. The odd trim

Our final back-to-work suggestion is a trim. As hair grows, it tends to become brittle and frizzy because of the countless harmful agents it is exposed to every day. Trimming just half a centimetre will make hair more manageable and boost its vitality.

Bullfrog is on hand 7 days a week in its barber shops to give you advice and help you find the perfect look!