Every barber can’t wait to welcome back their customers in their shops and we are sure that you can’t wait to take care of your beards and hair on a barberchair too.

Wherever you are and whoever your barber is, there are some little things you can do now to support his / her activity and show how much you care about his / her job.

Here are our suggestions:

1) Don’t look for barbers at home
In these days we saw barber services at home spreading everywhere. This practice is not only illegal, but could be an health risk for both you and the barber. Stay home, take care of yourself and don’t look for a barber at home who is breaking the laws.

2) Go easy on do-it-yourself haircuts
A nice haircut is the result of years of study and continous training, and if it is a good quality one it will keep its shape for a long time. Don’t overdo with DIY haircuts to avoid ruining a good haircut structure and giving your barber a tough job next time.

3) Pre-book your next appointment
We hope to get back to our habits soon. For this reason, ask your barber if you can already pre-book your next appointment once your trusted barbershop will reopen its doors: you will have the benefit to avoid waiting and your barber will know to have granted job as soon as it will be possible.

4) Buy pre-paid cards
A lot of barbers are offering pre-paid services cards. Even if you can’t use it now, ask your barber if you already can buy one: this will help with the usual and extra expenses incurring during these tough weeks and it would be a tangible demonstration of your support.

In behalf of all barbers: thank you!